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Hugs From Heaven is the result of one person’s vision to spread God’s love by performing random acts of kindness and encouraging others to do the same.

We believe that when someone prays for a person, God hears that prayer. Often, God answers by sending someone else to intersect with that person’s life and deliver His message of love and hope. We call that a Hug From Heaven. We are committed to being receptive to God’s leading in these ways.

Examples of Hugs From Heaven might include buying an extra bouquet of flowers at the grocery store and giving them to someone in the parking lot… or giving a cold bottle of water to a construction worker… or giving a blanket to a homeless person… the list is endless. Each act is preceded by a simple prayer, asking God to direct us to the person who needs His touch, and is accompanied by a business card telling the person “You just received a hug from heaven.” and directing them to this web site.

May God hug you today.